Bill Biedermann


Bill Biedermann is a co-founder of AgMarket.Net. He is a well-known speaker, presenter and advisor on commodities. In addition to trading commodities for 40 years of which 5 were in Chicago, he has testified before Congressional hearings, CFTC hearings, served for the US State Department AID, and has been invited to speak in nearly every corn growing state in the US and Canada. Bill co-founded one of the largest IB Brokerage and Agricultural Economic Research firms in the US.
Bill provides Agricultural research to traders, food companies and producers worldwide as well as executing futures and option orders on all major exchanges.
Bill graduated from Illinois State University with majors in Agricultural Production, Ag Economics and Ag Education and farmed from 1973-1988. Bill and his wife Penny have a passion for youth. They have 3 kids of their own, were very involved with youth ministry for many years. They now reside in TN.