A Customized Marketing Plan

We know very few farms are the same. Our goal is to customize every marketing plan to the specific needs of our clients…and give them all the tools to be successful in reaching their goals of maximizing returns on their operation.

As a trading or hedge client using the AgMarket.Net® group, Farm division of JSA as your registered broker, we will provide you with:

Daily research to help you understand the factors influencing the markets.

Advice on your strategy that we believe will help you achieve revenue goals for your operation.

Clients can test strategies Using AgMArket.Net® Proprietary programs for desired results BEFORE implementing positions

Full access to your account, quotes, and research, including written and video clips on any internet accessible device.

Depth of research will include reports from AgMarket.Net® Division of John Stewart & Associates, ADMIS, and occasional reports from ProExporter Group as well as weather and news. Additionally, you will have full access to your account, quotes, and research including written and video clips on any internet accessible device. Clients will work closely with their broker, who will provide guidance and direction as a client’s needs necessitate. Our team includes a wealth of experience analyzing marketing trends and strategies used to maximize producer profitability and defining risk. This team approach enhances the idea flow to each and every client and builds a network for all clients so you always have a qualified analyst to work with when your regular representative is unavailable.

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