A Customized Marketing Plan

We know very few farms are the same. Our goal is to customize every marketing plan to the specific needs of our clients…and give them all the tools to be successful in reaching their goals of maximizing returns on their operation.

As a trading or hedge client using the AgMarket.Net® group, Farm division of JSA as your registered broker, we will provide you with:

Daily research to help you understand the factors influencing the markets

Advice on your strategy that we believe will help you achieve revenue goals for your operation

Clients can test strategies Using AgMarket.Net® Proprietary programs for desired results BEFORE implementing positions

Full access to your account, quotes, and research, including written and video clips on any internet accessible device

A Full Consulting Package

AgMarket.Net® offers a full consulting package for producers who desire more information and advice when marketing their crop.

For $3 an acre, with a minimum fee of $2,000, producers will have access to the Profitability Optimizer Tool in The AgMarket App on the producer desktop and mobile that is used to track:

• Cost of Production
• Cash Sales
• Auto Recalculating Remaining Inventory Break Even to Changing Conditions
• Cash and Futures Market Quotes & Farm Value On a Constant Basis

The AgMarket.Net® consultant will work closely with the client to:

• Establish the Farm’s Break-Even Cost
• Develop a marketing plan that is tailored to their operation, risk tolerance and knowledge of marketing

As they go through the marketing year, clients will have weekly conversations with their consultant to keep as up-to-date as possible when it comes to:

• How the market is impacting the profitability
• If changes are needed to their marketing plan

AgMarket.Net® Consulting Tools

The AgMarket App

Along with brokerage services, AgMarket.Net® consulting helps clients utilize The AgMarket App, which can be used on their desktop, iPad, phone or any device they can access the internet. The consultant will assist clients in populating their costs of production, and help track cash sales they make as the year progresses.

The AgMarket App will provide local cash and futures quotes and charts, adjust break evens throughout the year based on cash sales made, yield adjustments, and current value of unsold grain.

Profitability Optimizer Tool

Among a host of other perks clients have working with AgMarket.Net® is the Profitability Optimizer Tool (also featured in The AgMarket App) which was developed exclusively for AgMarket.Net® clients.

This tool allows the client to test any trade or risk management scenario they’ve considered, based on their individual farm’s specific numbers, to see how these strategies would enhance farm profitability and stabilize risk management. This has become invaluable by projecting potential revenue before entering into a cash grain contract, futures, or option position.

All in all, clients of AgMarket.Net® experience a hands-on approach to managing their risk and utilize the Profit Optimizer tool to test their strategy before committing to it. As a result, clients should experience stabilized strategy and farming revenue for their operation.